My Favorite Amazon Buys

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Amazon’s second headquarters could potentially end up in New York. If it does, I may need to work there if only for the employee discount. When I need something delivered immediately or just want some well-priced retail therapy, Amazon always comes through: from running out of paper towels  to picking up a new pair of shoes. I put together a list of some of my favorite recent purchases from the everything website.

Himalayan Pink Salt LampA coworker told me that a salt lamp is her go to gift for new jobs, new apartments, and any sort of celebration. I picked one up for my office and the soft pink glow really warms up the space. I love the aesthetic and it makes me feel one step closer to being a balanced yogi version of myself who meditates every day. That’s what people with salt lamps do, right?

Sam Edelman Circus Boots. I’ve actually had these boots for a few years, I wear them almost every day and I’m considering buying another new pair because it might actually be more cost effective to replace them entirely than to send them to the cobbler for a refresh. I get compliments on them consistently and I can wear them for hours walking around the city without my feet hurting. I have found the perfect flat city boot.

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser. After being gifted a few delicious smelling Young Living essential oils, I started searching for a way to put them to use. This diffuser from Zen Breeze is reasonably priced, aesthetically friendly, and has since filled my living room with a blissful lavender scent almost every night. I really don’t know how it took me this long to purchase one. The colorful assortment of lights is a nice touch as well. If you buy one thing from this list, make it this.

Architec Cutting Board. These look far more expensive than they are. I have used mine extensively since I bought it and it had held up like a champ. Having a solid, beautiful cutting board is a small luxury but I really appreciate it. For $30, it’s worth a spontaneous add to the shopping cart.

myBella Styling Station. This might be a boring purchase but it has saved my bathroom counter space and actually makes me feel somewhat organized in the morning when I’ve got one eye open and am fumbling around for my hair dryer. Worth every penny.

Magic Bullet Blender. This small blender has whipped up smoothies, ground fresh coffee beans, and created soups in my kitchen. I use this more than any other appliance I own and it works wonders. I am certainly 25% healthier now because I own this blender. Smoothie town, here I come.

MUJI Face Cotton Pads. The softest face pads for toner, makeup remover, etc etc. A friend of mine swore by them so I ordered a pack on a whim and now I’m hooked. I feel like I’m applying toner with little pillows every morning. Another little luxury, thanks Amazon.




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