Gemini, oh my

  May is a BIG birthday month for me. I’ve made sure pack this month with weekend getaways, bottles of rosé, dinners with friends, and a lot of self care. Why not also enjoy creating a birthday wishlist? 1. Gold Dust to Dust Ring by Goldengrove 2. Rosé Pin by Luella 3. Tourmaline Studs by Kathryn Bentley (Emerald is my birthstone, this comes close enough!) 4. […]

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Essentials: Thailand

Over the holiday break, my boyfriend and I traded in time with our families for a trip of a lifetime to Thailand. We took 7 planes, trains, vans, and even long tail boat rides to get around the country and had to keep our bags compact for all that travel. I made a packing list […]

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We all have lists of places we want to visit in the world and never enough time (or money) to plan all the trips that we want to. In the past couple of years, I’ve tried to put more emphasis on the importance of travel in my life and luckily for my boyfriend and I, Thailand was […]

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