Apartment Upgrade

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We moved to Greenpoint back in September. The neighborhood is wonderful and it has been exciting to set up a new apartment after I lived in my last place for 5 years with roommates. Soon after buying a few furniture pieces that felt immediately necessary and throwing out the last unpacked box, we were booking flights to Thailand over the holidays and all focus turned to planning our vacation. This left us without any sort of duvet to cover the comforter on our bed and some really empty walls (some are still empty, it’s a work in progress…). I’m taking my time with a lot of the decorative details but, between some new year shopping and Christmas gifts, the apartment is starting to feel much more like a home. Here are some of the new additions that you might find helpful if you are looking to refresh your apartment (or home) for 2017!

A duvet cover for our bed.

Brand new pillows (sleep game changer).

An electric kettle to boil water for coffee in a flash when I’m late for work.

Mugs so cute that they that inspire me to make coffee at home (Stranger Things!).

A new piece of art for the wall. I found this papercut print of a pineapple by Suzanne Riley at a local craft fair and I’m obsessed. She has more great pieces in her Etsy shop.

snake plant that I’ve actually managed to keep alive (so far). Bonus: It will also purify the air in the apartment. More ideas for plants for the home can be found here.

A table top runner that I used to refresh an old dresser, like this one.

More pieces that I wish I could afford right now but am hoping to add in 2017…

Shop the post: Ovente Electric Kettle | Snake Plant | Target Pleated Duvet Cover | Splash of Watermelon Pineapple Papercut Picture | Anthropologie Curtains | Stranger Things Mug | Mongolian Faux Fur PillowSailing Arrows Table Top Runner from Leif Shop | Target Diamond Shower Curtain Chesapeake Bay Vanilla Biscotti Candle | Grey Animal Print Faux Fur Throw



ps: Illustration in the header by Miji Lee

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